Road Trip 2013 | Week 1

Sep 10, 2013

Summer (and our road trip to Utah and back) are quickly fading into memories that will soon be forgotten, if I don't hurry and catch up on blogging! So far, I've managed to blog about the first two days of our 13 day trip... sit tight! I'm hoping to squeeze a lot more into this post!

After two days of driving, driving and more driving, we were excited that the next few days of our trip were going to be pretty low key. Sunday we celebrated my baby sister's 18th birthday with a big Costa Vida inspired dinner. Monday we shopped, relaxed and then headed to BYU campus to feed the ducks and take a few pictures. Tuesday we planned to have a picnic dinner at Vivian Park, but just as we got there and started to eat our Jimmy John's subs, a rainstorm moved in. It was quite possibly the first true rainstorm Beebs has ever been awake for and it completely freaked her out. Turns out, she is not a fan of thunder and lightening. Wednesday we did a little more shopping. I think I wore my mum out. I was on the hunt for family picture clothes and luckily, I was able to find most of what I wanted for the wee ones while in Utah.

The first week of our road trip came to an end on Thursday with a jam packed day of fun. The day started out with ice skating in the morning. My girls love to ice skate and even though we have a rink relatively close by here in Phoenix, it has kind of become a "Nana's house tradition" to go ice skating. Then Thursday afternoon we met up with my middle sister and her son at the dinosaur museum. It was such a cool museum. Definitely somewhere that we would like to go again. After the museum we ended our busy day with a trip to an awesome sporting goods store, Scheels. I got a much needed new pair of running shoes and Sunshine took a ride on the in-store Ferris Wheel.

Looking back, other than the two days of driving, our first week was pretty relaxed. But things picked up during the second week of our trip. And I'll let that be a post of it's own.

Chasing ants... he was kind enough to pause for a picture

Uncle Coo with the Man Cub

Me and my wee ones... I am one blessed mama!

Beebs is such a poser and I LOVE it!

My 18 year old "baby sister" with the girls

Papa and Man Cub

Love. This. Hat. And she loves it too. Such a cutie!
Building her own dinosaur at the Museum of Ancient Life

The sand and water table was a hit... even if Bo's face says otherwise!! 

Man Cub especially enjoyed the sand and water table. This kid is all boy! Anything that involves getting wet, dirty or making a mess is a guaranteed success with him.
Their "scared" faces

Digging for fossils

The Ferris Wheel inside Scheels

Sunshine had a blast on the Ferris Wheel with her aunt and cousin

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