8 Years Into Our Happily Ever After

Aug 12, 2013

Today marks 8 years of marriage for Bruce and I. 8 years. Wow. I feel too young to have 8 years of marriage under my belt already. And not just 8 years of marriage, we've also racked up 7 years of the law enforcement life, 3 children, 2 houses and a whole bunch of my crazy, hairbrained ideas that Bruce has supported me through. Ü He sure puts up with a lot. And boy do I love him for it!

I was looking through our wedding pictures earlier, trying to pick a few to share, and I cannot get over what babies we were! Bruce had been 22 for a whopping 7 days and I was just shy of the 20 and a half mark. Babies! But we were so in love, and we still are. Our 8 years of marriage have brought plenty of challenges and hardships, but with Bruce by my side, I know we can handle anything life throws at us.

Happy Anniversary to my superhero. 8 years down, and an eternity to go! I'm so glad I get to spend it with you.


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