Another "First Day Of School"

Aug 13, 2013

Beebs started preschool today! As did I! Of course, I started as a preschool teacher, which is not nearly as exciting as my little lady starting her first year as a preschool student. It has been a very exciting day, which we celebrated with Sonic slushes after picking Sunshine up from school.

Beebs was a little nervous last night as she got ready for bed, which took me by surprise. I didn't think she would be nervous as preschool is held in her playroom, with me as her teacher, but she was most definitely a little anxious, and a lot excited. It took her a long time to fall asleep last night, and this morning she was up much earlier than normal, wanting to get ready for school. Our school day was a blast. I am absolutely exhausted, but I think all the munchkins had fun, and I know Beebs loved it. She was so excited when Daddy and Sunshine finally got home so she could tell them about the books we read, the activities we did and the songs we sang. I think it is going to be a very fun preschool year!

This post would not be complete without a few "first day of school" photos. Beebs was very excited to have her turn taking pictures with her backpack Ü I love that she recognizes that as being one of our traditions, even if the novelty wore off after only a few shots. My favourite part of these photos- the lack of shoes! I tried to convince her that even though we have preschool in our playroom, shoes would be a nice finishing touch for the photos. She wasn't buying it though, so I present, hillbilly Beebs, all ready for preschool!

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