An Evening At The Ranch

Aug 4, 2013

Our trip to Utah was a blast, and hopefully some time soon, I'll have more than a spare minute to sit down and write all about it! But things are a little crazy around here as we get Sunshine ready to go into first grade and I finish pulling everything together for my debut year of teaching preschool, so for the moment, a short and sweet post will have to do! And it will be mostly made up of pictures. Ü

My one hope during our trip to Utah, you know- other than getting there and back safely without the wee ones losing their minds after being stuck in the car for so long, was to get updated portraits of Sunshine and Man Cub. I got a great picture of Beebs during her three year photo shoot, but being the professional procrastinator that I am, I kept putting off Sunshine's sixth birthday session and the six month session I had planned for Man Cub. I put them off for four long months! But, they are now done and they were a great success. I am so, so happy with the results and I cannot wait to redo our family photo wall. Now for the hardest part, deciding which ones to print and hang!

Sigh! I could look at these pictures for hours. It helps that the subjects are two of my three favourite people to photograph, but I also love, love, love the location. I took all of these photos (plus Beebs' third birthday photos) at the ranch where my youngest sister works. There are no words to describe what a beautiful place the ranch is. I snapped a few pictures of the ranch, without my children in them, but the pictures just don't do it justice. I've never even met the owners of the ranch, yet it still feels like my own little piece of heaven each time I visit.

And last but not least- a couple more snapshots from our evening at the ranch... these ones won't make the walls, but I love them just the same. Especially the one of Sunshine playing the photographer with Beebs and my nephew. Poor kiddos... turns out Sunshine is just like her mama and she wouldn't accept less than perfection when she was posing them. It was so funny to watch! Our evening at the ranch was absolutely divine and my goal was accomplished. And not only did I get great portraits to update our family picture wall, I also got to spend a few hours at one of my favourite places.

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