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Oct 2, 2013

A collection of photos from the summer that failed to make it into posts of their own...

Rare occurrence here...
I think this may have been the one and only time Man Cub has fallen asleep in his high chair

This boy is such a water baby! He couldn't get enough of the paddling pool during our 4th of July celebration

Beebs and cousin A also enjoyed the paddling pool that day

Bruce and I went shooting for our big monthly date in July. This was only my second time shooting and Bruce assures me that I did pretty good... the above alien was my shot gun target. 

And this was with the Glock. For the most part, I was hitting what I was aiming for!

I made the girls and I matching maxi skirts and they sure do love them! Especially when we all wear them on the same day. I hope they enjoy matching me for a long time to come.

We dog sat for our neighbors a handful of times over the summer and Man Cub thought the dog's water dish made a great paddling pool

While visiting my parents in Utah I got to hang out with my best friend's aunt, who happens to be one of my mum's best friends. 

While in Utah, I also fell in love with shaved ice... this one was peach-pomegranate with a "snow cap" (sweetened condensed milk drizzled over the top) 

Our family back to school night- special dinner, a Family Home Evening lesson presenting our family focus for the school year (being kind and treating everyone as Jesus would treat them) and then the back to school gifts. Hand sanitizer and a lunch bag for Sunshine and a new headband and hand sanitizer for Beebs.

Sunshine outside her  new classroom after Meet the Teacher... and the cute gift her teacher gave each student that night

Man Cub learned how to climb into this little rocking chair, which happened to be mine when I was little. It is his favourite place to sit.

We babysat for some friends from church and Sunshine couldn't get enough of their sweet new baby. She snuggled him and cared for him the entire time they were gone. She's becoming quite the little mommy. 

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