Promotion Day

Oct 30, 2013

Today was Bruce Wayne's big day... he was sworn in as a sergeant and can officially wear his stripes!

The girls have been so excited for his Promotion Ceremony. Sunshine apparently told everyone at school all about how her dad was being promoted, and I overheard Beebs mention "daddy's 'motion" a time or two in preschool this morning. I know they don't understand what exactly it means for Bruce to become a sergeant, but they know it is something to be proud of, and they are most definitely bursting with pride. Sunshine is especially excited that this change means no more call outs. Oh how we all dreaded the ringing of Bruce's work phone!

Bruce's dad and grandma were able to attend the ceremony, as well as our long time friends who were great mentors to both Bruce and I when he decided to join the department. It was wonderful to have their support on such an exciting day.

And now it is time to settle back into this lifestyle- the shift work, weird days off, celebrating holidays a few days late lifestyle that we left just two short years ago. It took me most of those two years to adjust to a "normal" day shift routine, and though I know it will be another adjustment, I'm excited to go back to the life we knew and loved for the first 5 years of our marriage. Bring on the night shift and strange days off. We can hardly wait!

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