Man Cub at One

Oct 9, 2013

I still can't believe Man Cub is one! Earlier this week we were out in the yard, working in the garden, and he was running around on the basketball court, climbing up onto bikes and terrorizing his sisters. How did we get to this point so fast!? He seems so grown up.

I do have to say, as much as I struggle with watching my babies turn one, I truly enjoy the second year. I love watching them grow and develop their own personalities. Man Cub already has a fair amount of personality, and I am excited to see what is to come.


* Snacks: pita chips 
* Foods: watermelon, bread products and he seems to really enjoy fish and rice 
* Drinks: ahem, don't judge- but if he can't nurse, his second favourite is root beer.
* Movies: this little guy has absolutely no interest whatsoever in sitting still long enough to see even 30 seconds of a movie, however, if there is a sporting event on, he is all over it. He particularly enjoys football
 * Words to say: mama, dada
* Songs to dance & listen to: Addams Family Theme Song 
* Songs to sing: Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You're Happy And You Know It 
* Activities: throwing a ball, getting into things he shouldn't, playing outside

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