When Beebs Turned Six

Aug 23, 2016

As always, our New Year started off with a bang as we celebrated the birthday of one very special little girl. Just like last year, Beebs asked if she could forego a birthday party and instead celebrate with a weekend in Utah, visiting my parents. So that was the big part of her birthday celebration, and we kept things simple on her actual birthday.

This year, Beebs' birthday fell on a Sunday. And a day that Bruce worked. I still did my best to make it special. We woke up super early thanks to our new schedule of 8am church in order to open presents and have breakfast together. We kept it easy- frozen waffles, but topped them with whipped cream and candles for the birthday girl. Then Beebs got all decked out in her beautiful birthday dress from our friend Amanda. She looked like a little fairy princess in it!

After church, we had Bruce's family over for dinner. Beebs had requested salmon with blueberry sauce for dinner and I was happy to fulfill her wish. The only problem- I've never used a grill before. Bruce taught me how to turn it on and gave me instructions for how to grill the salmon. I thought it had gone well until we cut into the thickest part of the salmon to find that it hadn't cooked all the way through. My father in law got the grill going again and made sure it was good and cooked. So the meal was a little bit of a disaster but Beebs didn't seem to care. She loved having everyone over and she especially enjoyed her traditional Nothing Bundt birthday cake.

A Christmas break birthday meant that Beebs celebrated with her classmates once school was back in session. She wanted mini cupcakes and juice boxes and the boys and I got to go to class to celebrate with her. It happened to be a special day at school when they got to wear any blue clothes instead of uniforms which Beebs thought was great. She wore a blue party dress and her teacher gave her a fun crown to colour and all her friends did a special birthday cheer for her. She didn't mind the attention at all!

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