December in Three Parts | Part Three

Aug 23, 2016

And now, the grand finale of December, and the year 2015!

Our Christmas morning was wonderful! I think I even managed to sleep in. Or at least that's the story I'm telling! Bruce says he thinks I woke everyone up around 6. In his exact words "I don't feel like it was so early that I wanted to hit you." The girls were really excited to give us the gifts they had made, complete with adorable wrapping. Man Cub hadn't been able to wait... he gave us his gifts the day he made them in preschool. I love that our kiddos are always more excited about the gifts they are giving than those they receive. I hope that never changes!

After our present opening, there were lots of toys to be played with. Man Cub's favourite was his Radiator Springs car table from Grandpa. To be completely honest, that was my favourite too! And it wasn't even mine. I am a huge Cars fan and the Radiator Springs car table is seriously like walking into Cars Land in California Adventure. It makes me happy every time I see him or Shark Bait playing with it.

Anytime Beebs was asked what she wanted for Christmas, her answer was "puzzles". And that's what she got! Lots and lots of puzzles. Some simpler ones that she can do on her own, but several of the puzzles she received are large puzzles with small pieces. We do those ones as a family. Beebs is pretty incredible when it comes to putting together the large puzzles. We all pitch in and help, but she really is very skilled at them. She takes after her dad in that way. 

Shark Bait couldn't really pin point a favourite gift... he seemed to really like snuggling up for a nap in his new blanket. And his nautical themed teething toys were a hit too. He got new clothes for Sunshine and a police rocker from Bruce's brother and sister in law. (First Christmas for Shark Bait means lots and lots of pictures of him Ü)

Sunshine's favourite gift was her American Girl store gift card. Both she and Beebs received one from my father in law and they had a blast shopping and picking out new American Girl treasures. We stupidly, yet wisely, went to the store just a few days after Christmas. It was packed, but they happened to have a lot of items marked down 50% as part of their post-holiday clearance. Sunshine was in the market for a new doll (one with short hair that wouldn't get matted and destroyed easily) so she didn't really shop the sales, but Beebs made out like a bandit. She got clothes for her, clothes for her doll, accessories and an AG dog for herself, and one for Sunshine. Such a sweet girl! She insisted on spending part of her gift card on a dog for Sunshine so both of their dolls would have pets. 

My favourite gift to give was for Bruce's grandma. I took a photo of her great grandchildren from our part of the family and turned it into a peg frame. It came out beautifully. Probably my most favourite peg project to date. The photo is from an evening of swimming at her pool. Since Shark Bait was too small to swim, I also included a photo of him and Gigi together, then painted a peg to resemble each of the kiddos. Gigi has it hanging on the wall in her kitchen area and I love seeing it there any time we go over. 

Christmas dinner was our traditional roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, with trifle for dessert. We broke open Christmas Crackers and Shark Bait participated in the meal by wearing his crown and grinning at us all as we ate. He's in for a real treat this year, when he too can eat all the delicious Christmas dinner foods. 

Our final days of 2015 were spent lounging around the house, enjoying all our new toys and trinkets and spending time with my brother, T, who came down to visit for the week between Christmas and New Years. He and I watched a lot of iZombie. He built and played Legos with Man Cub and taught the girls how to build elaborate marble tracks with the Hape Marble Run he bought them for Christmas. We went to Culvers for hamburgers and ice cream and to watch MSU play Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. Had MSU won, they would've come here for the National Championship game and I so would've made Bruce buy me tickets. Lucky for our bank account, they didn't win. But it was fun to get decked out in our green and white and watch them play. Bruce worked New Year's Eve, so I spent my evening with T and his pup, Horatio. We rang in 2016 together and just like that, I'm officially blogging in the current year... and still 8 months behind! 

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