December In Three Parts | Part One

Aug 12, 2016

December was a busy month, but when is it not? I took enough shareable photos that December will have to be a three part series. I know, I know. I'm working on quality over quantity when it comes to my picture taking. So far, I'm not really doing good with it! I'll keep trying Ü

Of course I took dozens upon dozens of photos of Shark Bait. 

And plenty of pictures of Kevin...

And pictures of Man Cub pretending to be Kevin... There was a stretch of time there that Man Cub willingly spent more time in Kevin's crate than she did! 

We enjoyed a good harvest of lemons from our lemon tree and the kiddos enjoyed taking turns juicing them. Few things in life beat fresh squeezed, homemade lemonade. And in December, we enjoyed lots of it. 

We made our annual trip to the East Valley for Christmas lights at the Mesa temple and a visit to Bass Pro Shop. Shark Bait's reindeer bunting arrived just in time for the festivities, which resulted in the second best Santa photo our family has ever taken. Sunshine meeting Santa at Disneyland is still my top favourite... 

We enjoyed shopping and lunch with Man Cub's best friend, Grace

Beebs got decked out in her PJs for Polar Express day at school. 

The cooler temps meant lots of family walks and playing at the park. We even taught Kevin to go down the slide. She is such a fun dog! 

There were some fun art projects, like painting for Beebs and making marshmallow snowmen for Man Cub. Then one day, Man Cub got hungry and decided to eat the marshmallows off his snowman, so that art project only exists in photos now. 

We enjoyed our Christmas decorations as much as possible. I loved the day I came into the living room and found that my Little People nativity had been rearranged. How appropriate that every single figure was surrounding the stable... Sadly, one of my favourite Christmas decorations met an unfortunate end when Man Cub and his friend knocked it to the ground where it shattered into little tiny pieces. It was a really special ornament as my mother in law and I had each bought one the last time we were at Disneyland together. We were going to buy a new one (for double the price!) off Amazon, but then some great family friends said they would check during their pre-Christmas Disney trip. I figured it was a long shot as the ornament was at least 6 years old, but by some miracle they found me one! 

Man Cub looked especially handsome at church one Sunday when he wore a tie, "just like daddy"

Bruce is a defensive tactics instructor for his department and helped out with some trainings. A fellow sergeant who is a good friend of mine sent me these gems from one of the training days. 

Beebs rocked her jaguar hat as often as possible... I will be so sad the day this hat stops fitting her!

One of my cute preschoolers gave me orange blossom socks for Christmas. How perfect are they!? They match my preschool logo perfectly. (Side note- as an end of the year gift, she gave me another pair of socks with flamingos on them. I love how well my preschoolers know me!!)

I got our Christmas cards AND Shark Bait's birth announcement printed and sent out... before Christmas! It's the little miracles in life Ü

And to finish off part one of December- thanks to some awesome friends who watched the boys, I was able to help out with Beebs' kindergarten Christmas party. A friend and I made 20+ gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, then I attended her school Christmas concert (with a real rock band playing lots of Christmas-y favourites) before helping all the cute little kiddos in her class decorate their houses. It was so much fun to spend time with Beebs and her class. And just before school let out for Christmas vacation, we handed out some cute little gifts to all her friends in her class... snowman soup cups. The girls had fun painting the cups, then we filled them with hot chocolate mix, candy canes and marshmallows. Super easy, super cute and so fun to give out to all their friends. 

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