Shark Bait | Three Months

Oct 13, 2015

As of today Shark Bait is three months old, and I just cannot believe it. He can roll over, control his hands and puts pretty much anything he can grab onto into his mouth. He is super smiley almost all the time and he is still sleeping like a champ. He has the most beautiful sparkly blue eyes, much like his sister Beebs and peach fuzz hair that has the slightest tint of red to it.

Shark Bait is long and skinny and just recently started wearing 3-6 month size clothes and size 2 diapers. They don't fit him in the waist, but smaller sizes are too short for his long body. He is absolutely precious and we just cannot get enough of his grins and giggles. We are so incredibly happy he is ours.

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