Long One

Oct 6, 2015

Shark Bait and Man Cub recently went to the pediatrician for a joint well visit. Man Cub because he had just turned 3, Shark Bait because two weeks earlier, he had turned 2 months old. Our pediatrician's office is a bit of a drive, so I like to double up on visits when I can, even if it means putting off one of Shark Bait's visits for a week. Or two.

The appointment went really well for both boys. Man Cub is right on track for his growth. He is the perfect weight for his height and he's still a little on the tall side for his age. Especially for our family. Shark Bait on the other hand is extremely tall. Of course, at his age they call it "long". He is not gaining weight very quickly, which I have to admit has me a little bit worried, but he is certainly growing in length at a rapid rate. Dr. M is not at all worried about Shark Bait's lack of weight gain which made me feel so much better. Shark Bait is reaching his milestones, he is happy and healthy.

Man Cub's official 3 year stats- he weighed in at 32 lbs 2 ounces and is 37.75 inches tall. He had to get one shot which he handled like a champ. He didn't even make a peep. His jaw just dropped when the nurse poked him, then he returned to playing on my phone. It was the perfect distraction.

Shark Bait's official 2 (and a half Ü) month stats- he weighed in at 12 pounds even and he is 24.5 inches long. He has grown 4.5 inches since he was born. He may not be chunking up, but he is super long, to the point where he can't wear any of his one piece 0-3 month clothes. They just don't snap anymore! It is looking like both he and Man Cub have a chance at being tall.

Shark Bait had several vaccinations coming his way at the appointment. The oral vaccination didn't bother him one bit, but the shots did not go over well. We really thought we'd broken our baby. For several days after the visit, our happy, laid back, never cries or fusses baby was miserable and, at times, inconsolable. His eyes were teary and his lips were so pouty. Luckily, after a few days he was back to his happy self, but the first few days following his appointment were rough. Beebs was such a big help during that time. She held him and comforted him so I could make dinner or get other things done around the house. He loved being held by her and was so peaceful when in her arms.

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