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Oct 17, 2015

Today we went to my father in law's house so Bruce could watch the Michigan State vs Michigan football game. Typically, that is a game I would be interested in watching as well since I love love love State (it's where Bruce and I met!) and I hate hate hate U of M (I grew up in Ann Arbor. I know, people tell me how backwards it is all the time)  Today, I did't have any interest in watching the game as I am getting over a massive head cold and was exhausted. Instead I headed to the spare room at my father in laws and took a three hour nap.

When I woke up, Bruce told me he was ready to leave, that U of M had won the game. I took Shark Bait to the living room to buckle him in his carseat and noticed there were about 10 seconds on the clock. Michigan was up by 2 points and they had the ball. I thought to myself "man, it would be great if U of M fumbled right now and State got the ball and scored a winning touch down." Never in a million years did I think it would actually happen. Turns out, U of M was getting ready to punt and the punter fumbled. Michigan State grabbed the ball and ran it into the end zone, scoring the winning touch down. It was the most incredible 10 seconds of football ever but I can't help but wonder if I wasted a wish. Maybe I should've asked for a million dollars in my half dazed, sleepy state. Ü

The National Championship game will be held here in the valley in January and we are all hoping that State will make it to the championship game so we can go watch them play. Today's game got them one step closer to pulling it off. Here's to hoping! 

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