Bruce's Coronation, I Mean, Graduation Day!

May 10, 2014

May 9th, 2014. A day for the Wayne Crew history book... Bruce graduated!!!

This has been a long time coming... 13 years of on and off classes, three different schools, two different associate degrees (which don't equal one bachelors, in case you were wondering!) and now this...

As Beebs kept saying, Coronation Day! Or, the day Bruce received his degree in Public Administration.

We are so, so proud of Bruce! To finish up school while working full time (and more than full time when he was a homicide detective!) and still making plenty of time for projects around the house and spending time with us... that is no small feat. We were all grinning like idiots during the ceremony.The girls were giddy with excitement as they watched him walk into the ceremony wearing his cap and gown, then walk across the stage as his name was read. It was a very exciting night and the wee ones were on their absolute best behaviour, meaning we all got to enjoy it.

I am grateful for Bruce's example to our children, of hard work and determination, of following through and finishing up what he starts and of the importance of higher education. I hope the girls always remember the excitement of their dad's graduation day and strive to enjoy that same excitement again in the future, when they graduate from college.


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