So Says Beebs

Apr 30, 2014

Beebs is so much fun right now. She has been saying some of the funniest and sweetest things lately and I need them recorded. I don't want to ever forget!

The other day we were driving somewhere, who knows where at this point! Beebs was sitting in the very back with her friend Carden. I was up front, not paying much attention to what they were saying, until I heard Beebs say this about her swim lessons...

Beebs: Sometimes, I have to go potty really bad and I don't even tell my teacher. I just go in the pool.

I about DIED! She was so matter of fact about it. I started to laugh and she says "Did you hear me mom!?", shocked that I knew what she had said. It was so funny.

A few months ago, one of Beebs favourite toys was lost and we had searched almost everywhere looking for it. I had the flash of inspiration that we needed to use this as a teaching moment for Beebs so I asked the entire family to come together and we knelt down to pray. I told Beebs that she needed to ask Heavenly Father to help us find her toy and then when she was done praying, that we would all go to work searching and that Heavenly Father would guide us. She prayed and within 3 minutes of us all splitting up to search, I had found the toy. I teared up, realizing what a beautiful moment Heavenly Father had blessed us with- a great teaching opportunity, with very fast results which I hoped would help Beebs to understand the importance of prayer, faith, and doing our part.

Fast forward to tonight- Beebs had lost one of her Little People. She had only spent a few minutes searching for it but she decided she was fed up of looking. I told her I'd help in a minute and she told me no, that we needed to say a special prayer so Heavenly Father would help her. She insisted that the entire family come together and kneel on the kitchen floor, where she offered up a simple prayer asking for help to find her toy. And just like last time, within minutes of the prayer ending, she and Bruce had found the toy and she was beyond excited, reminding us that she knew Heavenly Father would help her. It is so neat to watch these small, faith promoting experience in her life because I know that they will eventually lead to much larger experiences that will be the basis of her testimony.

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