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Apr 28, 2014

This is a boring post. I'm just telling you that right now. But I know that at some point in the future, I'm going to need to look back and remind myself of how hard this journey has been, but how incredibly empowering the results have been. Don't feel like you have to read this post. Seriously. Ü I won't be offended.

March 21st- My "Before"

One month ago, I decided to throw away all my excuses and get serious about getting in shape. I'd been trying to shed a few pounds and be more active since the beginning of the year, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted, so I knew I had to do something different. Not to mention that Bruce and I have been asked to serve as leaders on our church's youth Pioneer Trek this summer, and I need to be in much better shape in order to meet the physical demands of this adventure.

I should back up a little further for just one moment... up until one month ago, the farthest I had run EVER was when Bruce and I did the Disneyland 5k back in September of 2011. In January Bruce decided he wanted the two of us to run a half marathon together and promised me diamond earrings when we were done, so I decided to start running. The first time I went out, I could run for 2-3 minutes, then I would have to walk for 2 minutes. I did this for one mile and it about killed me. I continued to run for no more than 4 minutes at a time and then walk to recover for a month before I was able to run an entire mile non-stop. It took me another two months to work my way up to a 2 mile non-stop run. It was a very, very slow process and I started to panic about the 4 mile Trek Fun Run that I needed to complete on April 12th in order to show that I was physically ready to go on the Trek. The 4 miles had to be completed in 1 hour...

On March 21st, I handed Bruce my phone and told him to snap a picture. I wanted something to mark this new beginning. I also started to track the calories of everything I ate using My Fitness Pal. I liked this alternative better than what I had been doing, which was avoiding sugar. I am still careful about the amount of sugar I eat, but at least with counting calories, I can have a small treat on occasion.

On March 22nd, I started a new running schedule that my best friend suggested. Basically, it involves three runs a week- two shorter runs followed by the week's long run. The total distance covered during the two short runs equal the distance covered during the long run and the idea is to up the long run by half a mile each week. I set my first long run goal at 4 miles, just so I could gauge how far I had to go in order to be ready for the Fun Run. I figured I would be lucky to make it 3 miles that first attempt at a long run, but I planned my short runs as if I were going to do a full 4.

On March 29th, I did my first official long run. My goal was 4 miles and I made it 4 full miles without stopping, in just shy of 47 minutes. I could not believe that I had just run 4 miles without stopping. I kind of felt invincible. Not really, but at least I knew I was ready for the Fun Run.

On April 5th, I ran my next long run. I decided to see if I could up my mileage by a mile each long run, instead of by just half a mile. I ran a total of 5.56 miles during the week and was (relatively) easily able to run 5 miles on April 5th in 56 minutes.

On April 12th, Bruce and I participated in the 4 Mile Fun Run for Trek. Bruce was coming straight from work and was anxious to get it over with so he could get home and go to bed. He ran the 4 miles in 34 minutes. It took me 42 minutes, but that still shaved 5 minutes off my initial 4 mile run time.

Running the Fun Run set me back slightly on my training schedule since I had basically missed my 6 mile run week. I debated between going back up to 5 for the next long run and then moving on, but I decided that I would just shoot for 6 miles. I had some really great short runs last week- 4 miles and 3 miles, plus a good brisk walk with my girls one morning. I made a 6 mile run route on my phone and set out first thing Saturday morning to make it happen. I hit the 6 mile mark and was still feeling great, but I wasn't quite home. I decided to keep going and thought to myself how great it would be to hit 6.55 miles, which would be half of my half marathon goal. I got to 6.55 and still felt great, so I kept going and before I knew it, I was home and had run 7 full miles. I was slow... just under a 12 minute mile pace but I could not believe it. 7 full miles, just under 1 month since I got serious about running.

April 19th after finishing my 7 mile run

Over the course of 1 month, I went from having only run 2 miles at a time to now running 4 miles as my "short" run, with 7 miles being my current record. I'm pushing for 8 this Saturday. I've also lost 7.8 pounds in the last month and 2 inches each around my waist and hips. I feel fantastic and have way more energy than ever before.

We still hope to have another baby in the future, which means eventually, all this hard work will be "undone" so to speak. I wanted to record just what I am capable of, so when I am starting again from scratch, I will remember exactly why it is worth it to do it all over.

I NEVER saw myself turning into a runner. I am still hesitant to use that word, but for crying out loud! I ran 7 miles on Saturday. Non-runners don't do that! I even set my alarm and get up super early to fit my runs in. I actually look forward to my runs each week as they give me some quiet, uninterrupted time to work on being a better me, spiritually, physically and mentally. What is happening to me!?! There is something totally empowering about running long (for me) distances. I can't wait to get back out there and try to run even farther. And I'm willing to run without someone chasing me. This is huge, people!

Now that one month has passed, I feel like running and eating in a normal calorie range have become habit, which means its time to add in more! This morning I sat down and set up a workout calendar that includes not only my runs, but now some strength training in hopes that I can tone myself up. This morning was arms and I'm still feeling the burn. I can't wait to see what this addition will do to helping me get in shape and be a healthier me.

Side by side... I know it's a slightly different angle, but you get the idea. My waist and hips have both shed a few inches and my face has lost some roundness. I'm loving the results I am seeing and I can't wait to see what the next month brings.


  1. That's awesome! I don't run crazy distances anymore. Just about a 5k around 3 times a week. I try to use the Nike plus app, but I'm so terrible at remembering to turn it on! Anyway, I can totally see a difference between the two pictures!

  2. Way to go!! I'm so proud of you!


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