Spring Break {As Told By My iPhone}

May 14, 2014

I've fallen behind again. Surprising, no? One day I'll have the time to keep up on this thing the way I would like to. But now is not that time.

Let's rewind shall we, all the way back to the very beginning of March when Sunshine was on Spring Break. I have a love-hate relationship with Sunshine being in school. I am so glad she is making lots of friends and learning all kinds of new things and becoming more independent, but boy do I miss her when she is gone! So any chance we have to enjoy time off school, we do our best to make the most of it. And Spring Break 20-14 was no exception.

Each day of Spring Break, I attempted to find something fun and exciting for us to do. It ended up being a really fun week and we were all sad when it came to an end and Sunshine had to return to school.

We started our week of fun by taking a drive across town to attend the Aloha Festival. Going to the Aloha Festival has been on my Arizona to-do list for about 7 of the 9 years I've been here. And we finally made it happen. And, to be completely honest, it wasn't nearly as wonderful as I had hoped it would be. It was fun. Don't get me wrong... it was just a long drive followed by a long walk to get to the actual event (on a very hot day, mind you). It was extremely crowded so we struggled to find a good spot where the girls could watch the dancers. Most of the souvenir booths were EXTREMELY pricey (I'm talking $100+ per item) and did I mention it was super hot? But we did have a good time regardless. We shared a Hawaiian shaved ice (the good kind, with sweetened milk all over it) and enjoyed the music and what we could see of the dancing. The girls did manage to find some cute parasol style umbrellas for just a few dollars each that helped keep the sun off of them, and it definitely helped us all get excited about next year's trip to Hawaii that we are not so patiently counting down to. Overall, I am glad we went, but I don't think we'll be going again in the years to come. But it was a fun way to kick off our Spring Break Week o' Fun.

Sunday was exciting because Man Cub went to Nursery for the first time... he was still a few weeks shy of turning 18 months old but Bruce took him in there to start getting him use to the idea of going, and he did so well that the Nursery leader told Bruce to leave. Sounds good! Don't have to tell us twice. Ü

Monday we drove down to Tucson and went to the Sonoran Desert Museum followed by dinner at Eegee's. The museum was incredible and we absolutely loved it. Eegee's... well, I am not a fan! Bruce loved it, the girls talk about it all the time, but I thought it was pretty gross. Just another indication that I am not a true Arizonan. I have tons of great pictures to share from our day in Tucson, but those really do deserve a post of their own. Look for that soon. And by soon I mean, hopefully before summer comes to an end Ü

Tuesday we spent the day cleaning out the garage which was not so fun, but that afternoon the girls and I ran away for a few hours and went out to lunch and then shopping for Easter dresses. Our cleaning efforts were well rewarded. We had some Pita Jungle and then spent a few hours at the mall where we found the perfect Easter dresses. It was a fun afternoon of girl time.

Tuesday night we made one of Sunshine's dreams sort of come true. That girl has been dying to go camping forever and we have yet to make it work out so that we can go, so Tuesday night, Bruce set up the tent in our backyard for a family sleepover. We made our first dutch oven meal for dinner (pizza) and then the girls laid down in the tent to fall asleep. It took Sunshine about 10 minutes to fall asleep which totally shocked me. I remember backyard camping as a child and never being able to fall asleep until my parents came out. Sunshine did not have that problem. The problem came when Bruce and I finally went out around midnight, taking Man Cub with us. He decided very quickly that he was not a fan of camping, so we ended up bringing everyone back in around 1:30am. We'll have to give it a try again in the fall.

Wednesday, Sunshine went to the zoo with one of her best friends from school, so Beebs and Man Cub had the first "pool party" of the year in our backyard. Thank goodness for little paddle pools. They bring so much joy once the temperature starts to rise.

Thursday Sunshine asked if she could spend a few hours with Bruce's grandma to "help her around her house". No way we are denying Sunshine the opportunity to serve, especially when she is asking for it, so we dropped her off for a few hours and she helped GiGi to clean her patio and make brownies. Bruce and I took the two wee ones to Freddy's for ice cream, then hung out at my father in law's for a bit, until it was time to pick Sunshine back up.

Friday was the air show at our local Air Force Base. For two days every few years, they open the base up to the public and they hold a massive air show. The Friday before the event starts, they invite friends and family of the soldiers, as well as of the local police departments, to attend a private viewing. We love to go and watch the air show, without all the crowds of the actual event. The kiddos enjoyed playing in the gravel while we waited for the show to start. We all loved seeing the Thunderbirds fly, and Man Cub has been OBSESSED with planes ever since. I have more photos from the air show on my camera... I'll add those to the list of things I need to blog!

After such a busy week, Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key, but Monday was Saint Patrick's Day and as luck would have it, the leprechauns stopped by the house with a breakfast treat for the girls. They loved the green milk to pour over their Lucky Charms, and Beebs still talks about the leprechauns on a regular basis. We had our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner with Bruce's dad and with that, we called our Spring Break Week o' Fun finished and successful.

It was so much fun having Sunshine home during Spring Break. I think we definitely made the most out of our time together and it has made me so anxious for school to be out for the summer. I love having my wee ones all to myself.

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