Mini Monet | Alma Woodsey Thomas

Mar 22, 2014

For our March edition of Mini Monet, we studied Alma Woodsey Thomas. I had a feeling her fun coloured, mosaic-like, abstract art would be a real hit with my Mini Monet girls and I was right. I could hardly contain my excitement as I watched their Alma-inspired works of art emerge.They turned out so awesome!!

Alma was an Expressionist painter and many of her works looked like mosaics, though they were created with paint. I decided to have my girls use a mosaic approach and utilize foam core board, glue and a rainbow of paint chips to create their master pieces.

The results were stunning. I would seriously hang any one of these works of art in my house! It was so much fun to watch the different approach each girl took to creating her art. Some of them starting in one area, focusing on one colour at a time. Some placed one square here and another there, alternating colours as they went. I really enjoyed watching their methods and I am beyond pleased with the final results.

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  1. Gorgeous art by beautifully talented artists!


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