February Wrap Up

Mar 6, 2014

I failed to blog some of our February Fun, so here it is, in one final post from my favourite month of the year!

First up- Valentine's Dance. My counselors and I were in charge of a ward Valentine's Dance on February 15th. We had a small budget and big dreams. Somehow everything fell into place and we threw one awesome bash considering what we had to work with! One counselor had all kinds of red and pink decor from her sister's wedding, a member of our ward agreed to MC and another acted as the DJ. Relief Society members signed up to bring sugar cookies and a lot of the women went all out, making super fancy ones. As I was heading to the church for the dance to begin, a girl who works at a local candy shop called to tell me that her store was about to throw away 100 chocolate covered strawberries that were past their prime and could no longer be sold and she was bringing them to the dance instead of taking them to the dumpster. Plus, the store donated several items for door prizes. Looking back, I still cannot believe how perfectly everything fell into place. The whole thing was such a blast. I danced, I limbo'ed (and won!), I looked like a total fool but had the time of my life, being out there with all my Primary kiddos. I'm still not 100% comfortable being in a calling that requires me to be in charge, but boy oh boy do I love being with all those kids! And the dance was such a fun way to spend time with them, without having to shush them or remind them to be reverent.

Bruce and Sunshine playing with the photo booth props
Man Cub cheated and joined the adult limbo. He  had a very unfair advantage
My winning limbo... I took home a chocolate basket filled with dipped strawberries as my prize.

Towards the end of the month, Sunshine's class went on a field trip to one of the local zoos and I got to be a chaperone. I even got to ride on the school bus with her. And when I say "with her", I mean we were both on the bus. She wanted to sit by her friends and chatter, so I sat a few seats away and watched my little social butterfly. Despite being a loner on the bus, the field trip was a blast. I had Sunshine and one of her best friends in my group and we did our best to see as much of the zoo as possible.

Along with those two larger items, there were lots of little things I loved about February .

The writing practice that Sunshine brought home from school...

Man Cub's latest escapades...

Sunshine's first KinderEgg...

A rocking ensemble put together by Beebs herself... (what  you can't really see in the pictures is that those heels match the flower on the shirt exactly. That girl has an awesome sense of style)

Man Cub proving that certain male characteristics start young... I took this photo and Beebs wanted to see it. I showed her and she "awwww-ed" over it. Then I went to show it to Man Cub, and without ever looking away from the television, he too said "awwwwww".

And the month ended with my birthday (yay!) which was a glorious and rare overcast day that eventually turned into an awesome storm and then a beautiful rainbow. Technically the rainbows are from March... but the rain started in February, so I'm throwing it in this post!

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