Shark Bait | Nine & Ten Months Old

Jun 1, 2016

Behind on life again and no signs of getting caught up. We are less than two weeks away from Shark Bait being 11 months old and I've only just gotten his 9 and 10 month photos edited. And don't even get me started on him turning 1. Basically, talking about his first birthday is on par with cursing in our house right now. I'm not ready for him to be 1. I'm not ready to talk about it or think about it and I'm definitely not ready for it to actually happen. I'm still having a really, really hard time with the idea that he is our last and I would give almost anything for time to stop for a little bit so I can just soak up every moment of him being my baby. But, that's just not happening! Summer is in full swing and life is crazy and hectic and he just keeps getting bigger and bigger and closer to being one. 

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