Kevin The Bird

Jun 26, 2016

Shark Bait and I had been home from our whirlwind weekend in San Francisco just a little more than 24 hours when another whirlwind came our way. This time, in the form of a sweet 4 month old Border Collie/Blue Heeler/Brittany Spaniel mix that Man Cub affectionately named Kevin the Bird. 

My sister and her husband had gotten Kevin when she was about two months old. They called her Cleo and they loved her so much. But. Cleo/Kevin is a very high energy breed which was hard for two students living in an apartment. Tressie mentioned to me the possibility of us adopting Kevin as Man Cub was desperate for a puppy. Bruce and I talked about it and even though we weren't necessarily looking to get a dog anytime soon, adopting Cleo felt right so we said yes. 

Tressie and Matt brought her down to Arizona for Thanksgiving and Man Cub took to her right away (and the two have been pretty inseparable ever since). Man Cub really wanted to name his puppy Kevin the Bird, after the bird on UP, and since Kevin the Bird from UP ended up being a girl, I thought the name worked. Ü I know Tressie and Matt miss having her around, but we are so grateful to them for bringing Kevin into our lives. It can be tough having a puppy who is only 2 days younger than our baby, but she is a lot of fun and loves the kiddos so much. She is most definitely a loved member of our family. 

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