When Man Cub Turned 3

Apr 1, 2016

2015 was suppose to be our year of low key birthdays. Beebs had asked for a trip to Utah to celebrate her birthday, Sunshine did have a dessert bar after her baptism but her main birthday celebration was seeing a movie with two friends and for Man Cub, I planned a day at the zoo with his best friend, Yatee. Then, at the last minute, I decided to add a small birthday party to the line up since it was the first year he truly understood the excitement of birthdays and he had been talking about his for months. So, with just a few days to go before he turned 3, the girls and I pulled together a little surprise party with a few of his closest friends, some pizza and a water slide. It was still very low key but he loved it! 

Man Cub's actual birthday started out with a picture drawn by Beebs of the two of them playing together, donuts with candles in them and a few presents including several pairs of pajamas (as Man Cub never seems to have enough!) and a police car that he promptly destroyed within a few hours time. 

Then we headed to the zoo for a few hours with Grandpa, Aunt Brie and Asa, and Yatee and his mom. It was really warm at the zoo, so after looking at a few animals, we settled in and played at the splash pad before heading home. The stuffed monkey mascot for Beebs' kindergarten class was staying at our house for the weekend, so at Beebs' insistence, he tagged along to the zoo in hopes of meeting up with a few of his monkey friends. 

That night, Man Cub went to sleep a happy boy in his new Lightning McQueen pjs and he couldn't get enough of his new train track the girls gave him. 

The next day was his surprise party. He was excited to see all his friends and while he refused to go down the water slide, he enjoyed playing with water blasters and jumping in the paddling pool. He especially loved his cake that Barb and Papa Blas made for him, complete with a monster truck on top. 

We must have done things right- Man Cub loved his 3rd birthday and is anxiously waiting to turn 4.

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