P52 Catch Up

Apr 22, 2016

It feels like I'm always playing catch up these days, and my P52 project is no exception. I haven't posted since week 8 and I was suppose to post week 15 last Sunday! So yeah- a little bit behind on things!

Confession time. I've actually missed two weeks of photos. I let it discourage me at first and I figured between missing weeks and not even being up to date on posting, maybe I would just quit. But I don't want to quit! The point of this was never to be a stressor, but rather a way to encourage myself to use my "big" camera and document some of the every day moments in our home. So, I'm continuing on, just without weeks 13 & 14. I'm going to post weeks 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 and try to get back on track posting in a timely manner Ü

Week 9: Strength

When I think of strength, I think of Bruce Wayne. He deals with so much at work... he sees horrible things, then he comes home and leads us in family prayer, snuggles the baby as he sleeps, kisses owies and helps the girls do their hair. He handles the pressures of his job with grace and is still the warm and loving, funny and kind guy I fell in love with. So grateful to have such a strong man as the head of our family.

Week 10: Good Morning

A little Man Cub in the morning... he's not suppose to watch movies on Sundays, but this morning he snuck my phone and watched a little Mickey Mouse while eating his cereal with his Sunday shirt unbuttoned. I wanted to be reprimand him for taking my phone without asking and for watching a movie when he knows he is not suppose to, but he looked so cute and grown up that I decided to grab my camera instead of getting frustrated.

Week 11: Magic

This was the week of Sunshine's 9th birthday party, which was an American Girl doll brunch. For one of the activities, we introduced the girls to the magic of Polaroids. They thought it was so fun to pose with their dolls and then watch the picture develop before their eyes. Man Cub decided he wanted in on the magical action, so he grabbed his Cabbage Patch doll, Will, and the two of them posed for their own magic photo.

Week 12: Lazy

As is evident in this photo, we've been a little lazy about taking care of the weeds in our backyard lately. That has changed in the past few weeks as we prepare to have some get togethers in our yard, but for awhile there, the ground by the orchard was almost more green than the grass thanks to the abundance of weeds. Luckily, we have these cute little helpers who are more than happy to help us out and snack on a few weeds when they are free ranging. 

Week 15: Water

This little guy loves water... I am excited to take him swimming this summer, but for the moment, he is perfectly content to splash around in the tub. In the interest of real life, notice the dirty handprint in the upper left corner of the photo. That's courtesy of Man Cub. He quite literally is "noise with dirt on it". I imagine Shark Bait will be following in his footsteps sooner rather than later. Ü

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