Shark Bait | Seven Months Old

Feb 18, 2016

This little guy turned seven months old during our family vacation to California. I forbid him from doing so, but he has already decided he doesn't have to listen to me. I'm trying hard not to think about the fact that his first birthday is in five short months. Thinking about it makes me want to lock myself in my room and cry. 

Over the 9 days that we were in California, Shark Bait changed before my eyes. We would wake up in the morning and it seemed that he had grown by leaps and bounds during the night. He gained a bunch of weight (for him!) since turning six months old, he popped his first tooth and he has taken quite the interest in food. And as if that isn't bad enough, he is determined to feed himself! With a spoon!!

Luckily, he is still my sweet and snuggly little guy with bright, sparkly eyes and a smile that is going to break hearts left and right as he gets older. He had every princess in all of Disneyland fawning over him. Multiple princesses and other employees offered to babysit him while we went and played. And they were pretty serious about it! 

He is still just as easy going as ever and we all just adore him. He has no shortage of affection at any given time. I hope it's true that you can't spoil a baby with love and attention, otherwise we are in big trouble! 

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