P52 | Weeks 6 & 7

Feb 21, 2016

We were out of town last Sunday when it would have been time to post my week 5 P52 post. I intended to do it sometime throughout this past week, but it never happened, so enjoy a double entry!

Week 6: Waiting

I promise when I made the schedule for this project, I just took a bunch of words and phrases I had collected and allowed the computer to randomize them for me. I didn't plan for our week at Disneyland to fall under the theme of "waiting" but it worked out quite perfectly. We did a LOT of waiting at Disneyland. It was a great trip, and I'm excited to make time to blog about it soon, but no matter how crowded or not crowded Disneyland is, there is always waiting to be done.

I love this photo of Man Cub waiting. Just him and Buzz Lightyear, passing the time. The girls would typically get a little restless during any down time, but Man Cub would just grab a little toy and play.


Week 7: Chaos

Once home from our trip, I hit the ground running. I had several big projects on my to do list and I wasted no time tackling them. My biggest project from last week was reorganizing my preschool room. It had become quite the mess and was not functioning in a way that I felt was beneficial to me, my preschool students or the rest of the family. Bruce helped me put together a big wall unit from IKEA, then Beebs helped me sift through the chaos. We spent well over 10 hours in that room, going through every scrap of paper, every toy and every classroom item. We got rid of 3 big garbage bags of trash and 2 of donation items. I took 2 trips to the store to buy storage tubs for the shelves and I ended with a beautifully organized room that I think we will all enjoy using more. 

But for now, this is the only photo anyone gets to see... the chaos before the calm, and my cute little helper in her Hello Kitty robe. 

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