Man Cub's 2nd Birthday

Feb 23, 2015

Last photo as a 1 year old!

Man Cub's actual birthday was a pretty low key day. Bruce was sleeping after a long night at work, Sunshine had school and Beebs and I had preschool. We celebrated Man Cub in preschool with a yummy treat and singing Happy Birthday. The kiddos and I ran errands in the afternoon. (I upgraded my phone in preparation for a trip to Disneyland... I was tired of running out of space for photos on my phone, so poor Man Cub spent part of his day at the mall.)

After we picked Sunshine up from school, we got Bruce Wayne out of bed and it was finally time for presents. Man Cub was much more into present opening by this point... he wasn't interested at all during his birthday party! He was really excited about the little gifts his sisters had chosen for him- especially the Mack truck that could haul all his other toy cars. He spent the rest of that afternoon playing with Mack, and countless hours since. He has even been known to sleep with Mack at night. By far one of his most favourite toys ever.

After presents, we went to Freddy's for dinner. Man Cub was insistent that he wanted hot dogs for dinner, but once we got his food, he proceeded to just eat fries and watch cars out the big front window of the restaurant. But he was happy!

It was a great second birthday for our Man Cub. Between his actually birthday, his fun party and a trip to Disneyland just days after his birthday, we could not have had more fun celebrating our special little man.

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