Man Cub At Two

Feb 12, 2015

Man Cub turned 2 in September. I took a few photos of him at the Ranch while in Utah this summer, and I kind of intended for those to be his updated portraits. Then, we did our family photos in November and I got a few really cute shots of him (including one with his "I'm ignoring you face, which we see oh-so often these days!), so his 2 year portraits are a mix of July and November pictures... pre and post his "big boy haircut". I love both sets of photos for different reasons. 

I finally remembered to schedule a well check for Man Cub in December, at which time he was 28.2 lbs, had a 19.75 inch head circumference and was 36.25 inches tall. The pediatrician said he is in the 80th percentile for his height and is on track to be in the 6'2" range. Bruce and I could hardly believe it! We don't make tall children... not until Man Cub came along anyway. Right now, in February of 2015, Man Cub is just an inch or two shorter than Beebs, and only about 3 lbs lighter than her. He is catching up fast and I would not be surprised if he passes her up by this time next year.


* Snacks: cookies (especially Oreos and the honey wafers I use as fuel when I run) 
* Foods: noodles, toast
* Drinks: Lemonade 
* Movies: Cars, Cars 2, Monsters University 
* Words to say: "ya-ya" (his name for Sunshine), "matt" (Mack- from cars), "Mi-Mough" (mickey mouse) 
* Songs to dance & listen to: "The Mack Song" (Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts)
* Songs to sing: Popcorn Popping, Do As I'm Doing
* Activities: Play with cars, play tag and hide and seek, jumping

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