We've Moved!

Jul 9, 2013

After 7 years and 800+ posts, our family blog has moved! This move is bittersweet, as we have so many memories, photos and stories recorded on our old blog, but let's face it- I'm rotten at managing the readers on our private blog! There are people who want to be added as readers, and haven't been. There are people who haven't read in years, that are still on the reader list. Really, it's just become a pain to keep up. So here we are- public once again and you'll notice one pretty major change- I am the only person in our family who will be going by my "real name". Everyone else will go by their nicknames, for our family's Internet safety. I will also not blog much about Bruce's job, but we still love to talk about what our superhero is up to, so if you'd like to hear work stories, just ask!

Things will appear a little sparse around here for a bit, but in time, I will have everything up and running. Thanks for stopping by for a visit! We hope you'll come by often!

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