Road Trip

Jul 16, 2013

Excuse the crickets around here. The wee ones and I are on vacation. We left last week and drove from Arizona to Utah, where we are visiting my parents for two weeks. While we are here, we are also taking side trips to Idaho and Wyoming. 3 states, 13 days. And really it's 4 states if you count the hour and a half we spend driving through Nevada. Ü

So far the trip has been fantastic. We've done lots of fun things, enjoyed some slightly cooler temps than back home and spent time with friends and family we don't often see. My wee ones have been excellent travelers, cloth diapering while away from home hasn't been nearly as difficult as I anticipated...really the only downside of this trip has been missing Bruce Wayne. Thank goodness for cell phones and Skype!

I probably won't post much, if any, until we are back home. But once we are home, expect post and picture over load. 

For now, I'll leave you with this beauty... An untouched, unedited iPad photo from our day in Idaho. Pretty sure I'm ready to move. Idaho is breathtaking! Many more pictures from Idaho and the rest of our trip to come. 

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  1. So fun! My sister took her three girls on a road trip this summer. They are going from NYC to California and everywhere in between. 7 weeks! If I could actually stay awake when I drive I'd do what you're doing! Sounds so fun!


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