Odds & Ends: Wrapping Up January... Finally

Nov 2, 2016

The beginning of the end... of January posts anyway. I know half my problem is that I want to record and capture every single moment of life. I promise that I am getting better at taking less pictures and only sharing the most meaningful ones. Now I just need to work on not feeling a need to post all the old photos from when I took hundreds each month. Baby steps!

This photo has no story attached... so logically I shouldn't post it, especially in my efforts to post less photos. But those eyes! And the cheeks! And the fact that he's my last baby... I want to post all the Shark Bait photos!

2016 started out rough with a lot of sickness going around school. In an effort to keep the sickies at bay, I have the kiddos take liquid garlic and vitamin C. Man Cub can be super stubborn and with the yucky taste of the garlic, I figured I would never be able to get him to take it. But he takes it, and does it pretty happily. 

Our kitchen chairs kicked the bucket hard core at Christmas, so when Beebs and I got back from our trip to Utah, we ran into IKEA and picked up these beauties. Probably not the sturdiest or most long lasting chairs, but we love the look of them and for the moment, they are holding up just fine!

Beebs went on a birthday date with Aunt Amy. Starbucks, lunch and some ceramics painting. She loves her pegasus piggy bank and is really hoping that these Aunt Amy birthday dates will become an annual tradition. 

Sink bath! These do not happen nearly enough, especially considering that we've had our awesome new sink for over two years now. 

Beebs had to decorate a shirt with 100 items for 100 day at school. Beebs loves bows, so I tied and sewed 100 bows to a hot pink shirt. The things I do for my kiddos. In hindsight, we probably could have (should have) done something more simple, but she was so excited about her shirt and it was so her! Also, 100 day glasses are my favourite!

Few things make my heart swell as much as seeing my kiddos love for each other in action. Shark Bait was having a rough time with teething and Sunshine held him and rocked him for me so I could get some things done around the house. He fell asleep in her arms and my heart melted! Sunshine is such a great big sister. 

Tulips! Always my favourite part of spring, which happens in January in Phoenix. And anytime I can get them in orange, I am a happy girl!

Beebs made me this necklace on 100 day at school. I love it. So colourful and fun. 

The kiddos and I hosted a Jellycat picnic using American Girl doll food. It was awesome. 


And we will end the month with this adorable grin... Now on to February!

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