Road Trip 2014 | Week 2

Oct 4, 2014

It's hard to believe my first three lengthy road trip posts only cover the first seven days of our 3 week vacation... I'm obviously a little long winded! That, and we crammed a LOT of fun into our visit to Utah.

The second week of our trip was just as eventful as the first. We went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, I finally watched the Veronica Mars movie with my sisters- something I'd been dying to do for months. My grandma came down from Salt Lake for dinner one night and while she was there we had a little henna party. We went up into the mountains where my thin blooded, desert dwelling children should have turned into little popsicles as they played in the ice cold Provo river after eating our picnic dinner.

We went to the zoo again, this time on a day that Tressie was working and we got to see her help out with the bird show. My nephew Bodhi was chosen to be a part of the bird show... he got to help "train" the birds. It was super cute to watch.

Sunshine and I spent the 4th of July in Salt Lake with Tressie, attending Fantasy Con. Super nerdy but oh-so fun. We had a blast. Tressie had gotten free tickets through work so we figured we had nothing to lose other than a few hours of our time. But we didn't even lose that! It was a fun experience and definitely something Sunshine will remember in the years to come. Especially since we followed it up with lunch at our absolute favourite Mexican restaurant ever.

Our friend Steve joined us, in costume and everything. We saw a lot of cool booths including one with an awesome bat mask that I still wish I had bought... how cool would it be to do laundry in that beauty!? I think household chores would be much more exciting. We watched an awesome silk dancing performance and saw lots of fun people in costume. I about died when Hook from Once Upon a Time came walking towards me... as he got closer I realized it was just a guy in costume but it was quite the convincing costume! 

We rounded out our week with some outdoor fun. The kiddos played on the slip and slide, ate popsicles and did sparklers and fireworks. I continued to train for my half marathon and my mum introduced me to a new British food store in their area where I was finally able to get a bag of Walkers crisps for the first time in years. And that happy day- the day I had Walkers cheese and onion crisps and a galaxy bar for lunch, ended the second week of our summer road trip. Two weeks down, one to go!

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  1. AMAZING pictures of some AMAZING adventures. You know how to give your kids the best childhood memories.


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