Oh What Do We Do In The Summertime

Jun 4, 2014

 I am a little late getting this made, but today I finally finished {and started Ü} designing our annual summer fun list. My girls LOVE this list. We started doing this the summer before Sunshine started Kindergarten because I was determined not to waste a second of our precious time together before she became a big girl and headed off to school. We had so much fun coming up with a list of things we wanted to do that summer, and then crossing them off as we did each item, that it has become our most loved summer tradition.

Several weeks ago, the girls and I started putting together this year's list of summer activities and after Sunshine asked me many times where the actual printed list was, I decided to make time this afternoon to get it done. I am so happy with the results, though I have to admit- the watercolour blue background and little wave motif at the bottom makes me more than just a little bit sad that a trip to the beach is not on the list for this year! The girls have asked repeatedly for that to make the list, but it just isn't in the cards for this summer with Bruce and I going on our Stake's pioneer trek. Plus, the kiddos and I heading to Utah for several weeks to visit my family where I will finish training for and then run my half marathon. Maybe next summer we can add renting a beach house to our list, but for now, the beachy colours will have to do!

Want a summer fun list of your own? Here is a blank version of our list that you can download and print. This year I did an 8x10 so I could print it at home. Just click on the image below, download and print at home or as an 8x10 at the photo lab of your choice. Once it is printed, just fill the blank space in with all the fun summer activities you and your wee ones hope to do this year, then get to checking things off! Happy summer everyone!

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  1. Seriously a cute idea! My kids would love it do this :)


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