Mini Monet | Georgia O'Keeffe

Feb 21, 2014

This month for our Mini Monet Art Class, I taught the kiddos about Georgia O'Keeffe. We talked a little bit about her life and what inspired her. We looked at a lot of her paintings, especially her flowers and then we set to work creating our own floral masterpieces.

I had the girls work in watercolour paint, one of the earlier mediums used by Georgia O'Keeffe, as I am not quite ready to tackle oil on canvas with a group of 6 and 7 year olds. I think they got the general idea though. We talked about how we should image we are a bug, sitting on the flower and draw the flower from that point of view, and how our flowers should touch all the sides of our paper. This was a hard concept for them to grasp, and most of the girls ended up doing more of a landscape painting that included flowers amongst other things, rather than a single macro flower, but the results were amazing, just the same. We used Prang watercolour paints, and they are AWESOME. They are super affordable, and I think they beat out Crayola by a landslide. And that's saying a lot. I'm a total Crayola snob.

I am so enjoying my Mini Monet girls. I look forward to our class each month and already, the wheels in my head are turning and I'm thinking about a summer art camp and our itinerary for the fall semester. The girls have started to invite everyone they know to come to our end of the semester art show... they are loving it just as much as I am. I can't wait to watch this project grow!


  1. Can I totally steal this idea for homeschool co-op? Pretty please? It's way awesome. I bet they're soaking it all in :)

    1. Absolutely Lindsay! It is awesome! For me and for the girls in my class. We have such a blast together.


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