Man Cub's ACTUAL Birthday

Nov 1, 2013

Well, my goal to be completely caught up on blogging by the end of October did not happen. But, I am close! Darn close. And this is the VERY LAST post about Man Cub's first birthday. Promise. No more birthday posts until Beebs turns 4 in January

Man Cub's actual birthday was a pretty low key day. Bruce worked, I taught preschool in the morning and since his birthday was sandwiched between two very busy weekends, it was nice to just keep the day simple.

We did try to make the day special by singing Happy Birthday and helping him blow out the candle as often as possible throughout the day. We also spoiled him with pressies, which he loved. Other than that, we just enjoyed the chance to spend time with him. Man Cub is such a special little guy and we are so blessed to have him in our family. He sure does keep us on our toes, but we absolutely love that about him.  There is never a dull moment with Man Cub around, which he reminded us of when he attempted to grab the flame on his birthday candle. Ü He keeps life fun, for sure!

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